2017 Reading Goals + January TBR

When I was younger, I was a voracious reader. I could never fill my arms full enough with books from the library or bookstore, and I would spend hours cooped up in my room poring over a book.

In recent years, my reading interests had diminished. I’d still buy books, but they’d collect dust, I couldn’t read as fast, and my depression demanded more M*A*S*H marathons than books that called for undivided attention.

However, last year I discovered a wonderful Youtube community called Booktube, full of reviewers whose content consisted entirely of reading and reviewing the latest books, and I found myself called once more into the land of words.

winodw(staring at the booktube community through the computer screen…)

Booktube showed me that I woefully lacked diversity in my book repertoire, so in 2016 I decided I would not only expand my literary horizons, but I set myself a challenge of reading 30 books. I assumed it would be easy.

I loved exploring new genres, but December wrapped and I was 2 books shy of my goal. My 2016 reading challenge was just one more hit in a long line of things I set out to accomplish by a certain time and didn’t.

Some people say to set realistic goals, and if I wanted to guarantee that I’d meet my objective for 2017, another selection of 30 books would be ideal. So why is my new challenge… 50 books?


Perhaps I’m setting myself up for failure. My typical mentality is to take the easy road and stay safe, so 50 books seems mad for my easily distracted mind, but that’s what makes it exciting. The only way to defeat a challenge that keeps beating you down is simply to find another way. I’ve tried being realistic; it doesn’t suit me.

So, my 2017 reading goals: I aim to read a little over 4 books a month, give or take. I want to continue branching out into multiple genres, and I hope to make a dent in the unread books on my own shelf.

Here’s my lineup for January:

  1. The Secret Garden — This was the first book to grab my attention as a child — not for its story, but its writing. I’m eager to reread it.
  2. 3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living — As I continue on my gluten-free journey, I’m anxious for any advice on how to transition easily.
  3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — Simply put: I have too much stuff. The way of the minimalist calls to me.
  4. If You Want to Write — I’m ashamed at how many times I’ve started and stopped this book. This will be the month I finally get to the last page.

What are your 2017 reading goals?


  1. I struggle with taking the time to read. My goal is 12 books a year. Some may laugh at that but I feel I can accomplish it and there is a real possibility i will go beyond that. Exceeding my goal would be exciting for me. No goal is too small as long as it is something you strive for and grow from.


    1. 12 books is a great goal, especially if you’re not in the habit/have a busy schedule. Everyone’s specific goal is unique to them and not one is better than another. Rooting for you!


  2. Love this so much! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has fallen out of my former ardent love for reading, and I’m inspired by your example to take baby steps back into it. “The Secret Garden” is one of my favorite books of all time, and I look forward to seeing what your picks are each month!
    -Laura Graves


    1. As am I! I will let you know my thoughts on “The Secret Garden.” I’ve wondered if I’ve built it up in my mind over the years, but considering how others love it, I’m probably rather safe!


  3. I know a friend who just completed reading 50 books last year. It’s ambitious – but you can do it! Also, 28 books is nothing to sneeze at. I made the goal of reading 12 books last year, and I think I only read 9, but still, probably more than if I hadn’t set a goal at all! Also, the Marie Kondo book? I definitely recommend. It’s a little spiritual in some spots (I believe she is Buddhist?), but it is extremely inspiring. Pure minimalism is a little extreme for me, but I appreciate the thoughts and mentality behind the movement.


    1. Thanks for the support! Well done with your goal, too. Oh, I know I wouldn’t have made it to 28 without setting a challenge either. Yes, I’m anticipating good things from the Marie Kondo book — everyone raves about it! I’m hoping it will at least help me declutter and manage organization (perhaps as well help me to appreciate what I do have).


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