50 Blog Post Ideas to Jump-Start 2017


I had mentioned in a recent post that I created 90+ blog post ideas for the new year. I can say with assurance that, at one point or another, you have struggled with post concepts. Everyone fights writer’s block, whether they believe in the particular concept or not (sorry, it’s true), and facing that blinking cursor is enough to send your heart into palpitations.

The remedy? A list. A long, glorious list of ideas to reference when you feel stuck so you can never use the excuse “I don’t know what to write.”

Without further ado, here are 50 ideas and prompts that I hope will provide you with inspiration — you’ll probably see a few of these pop up on here as well.

Continuing Content:

1. Monthly Favorites — Books, writing resources, journals, music, ect. What inspired you in the last 30 days?

2. Series —  Think about something on which you have definitive views or strategies. What are your thoughts on fan fiction and how can it relate to others? What are some ways you can research your story era and setting? How do you develop a short story?

3. Story Updates — If you’re also a writer of short stories, novels, etc., and like to personally involve your readers in your writing journey, don’t forget to update them on your progress every now and then.

4. Character Interviews/Introductions — Get creative and “interview” characters or answer a character development worksheet in your post. (Tip: Create a series introducing a new character every week/month.)

5. TBR’s — TBR stands for To Be Read. What are your top 10 books you want to read this year? What do you intend to read each month? Include a wrap up every 30 days.



6. Book Reviews — The most obvious. Briefly describe your latest book read and provide detail on why the story did or didn’t work. (Remember to warn readers about spoilers.)

7. Movie Reviews — A good movie depends heavily on a good script. Screenwriting is an intriguing form of writing to explore, and it can be just as beneficial to examine movie characters as to dissect literary characters.

8. Software Reviews — What software program do you use for writing? What do you like and not like about the site you use for your blog? Help others get started!

9. Apps — We are deep into the age of technology, and there are apps upon apps centered around writing, books, blogging, etc. I only just purchased a smartphone, but I’m certain I soon will be sharing a list of goodies I’ve found.



10. Your Favorite Books

11. Unread Books on Your Shelf — Will you include them in this year’s TBR, donate, or gift to a friend?

12. Least Favorite Books 

13. Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block 

14. Organizational Ideas — Such as how to keep a blogging or writing schedule strong, or even how you keep the area in which you write clean and artistic.

15. Book Club Picks — Starting a book club is a commitment but an amazing opportunity to connect with others over something you love. If you can’t commit to hosting a book club, a list of books you think would be perfect for a group read is inspiration for others.

16. Ideas for Blog Posts — Wink wink.



17. Stories — How do you find your inspiration for stories and characters?

18. Music — Do you listen to music while you write? What inspires you?

19. Sources — What are your go-to sources (blogs, books, locations, etc.) when creating?

20. Social Media — Do you use online platforms, perhaps such as Pinterest or Tumblr, for inspiration? How?

21. Writing Prompts —  I don’t know about you, but an entire post of writing prompts would send my little heart pitter-pattering.



22. Anecdotes — Do you have a personal anecdote that inspired a story?

23. People — Have you based a character/story off someone in your life?

24. Origins — How did you get started writing/blogging?

25. Role Model — What author/person has inspired your own craft?

26. Application — Share your writing routine.

27. Kid Stuff — Did you write as a child? Include an excerpt of a story written by your younger self.

28. Religion — Are you religious? How does your faith affect your blogging/writing?

29. Nostalgia — What books did you love as a kid? There’s nothing better than revisiting familiar characters, and you’ll hopefully bring up a lot of good memories for your readers as well.


Involving the Readers:

30. Social Media — Turning to the “business” side, talk about how you involve social media to branch out and draw in followers.

31. Giveaways — Who doesn’t love a contest and free stuff? Give away a copy of your favorite book, a writer’s journal, literary jewelry, ect.

32. Open it up for questions/suggestions —  This can give you an idea on what your followers are wishing to see more of in your blog content and provide an opportunity to get to know your readership better.

33. Interviews/Guest Posts —  This can increase your views, followers, and provide great experience not only for you but also the guest blogger.


Holiday Specials:

34. Valentine’s Day — Who do you consider to be the greatest couple in literature/film?

35. Thanksgiving — How will you manage your writing schedule during the busyness of the upcoming holiday season?

36. Christmas — Recommend gift ideas revolved around your content, or why not share a short story or poem of your own creation centered on this celebration?

37. New Year’s — What are your goals for the new year as far as writing, reading, ect.?



38. Trouble Questions — Glance around on social media, talk to classmates, friends, followers, and see if you notice a theme. What is the common question or problem? Is it dialogue in a story? Issues with a particular blogging website or just blogging woes in general?  A book that everyone loved but you hated? Flesh out your opinions and tips and share them.

39. Thoughts on Writer’s Conferences — Have you attended a writer’s conference? Share your experience and why or why not you believe others should do the same.

40. Thoughts on Writing Classes — Was your major specific to creative writing? Have you taken any online writing courses? What were the benefits?

41. Take a Twist — Obsessed with classics? Take your readers on a journey and consider what would’ve happened if Dorothy hadn’t followed the yellow brick road, if Montag hadn’t met Clarisse and stolen that first book, or if Jane hadn’t returned to Mr. Rochester? After considering these unexpected twists, open it up for discussion with your followers.

42. Print vs. E-book or Audiobook  — A controversial subject. What are your thoughts? (Conduct a survey and share results!)

43. Plotter vs. Panster — In which category do you fall? Would you wish to be in the other?

44. Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptations — I could spend days discussing my opinions on different Jane Austen adaptations.

45. Least Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptations — You knew it was coming.


Tips and Tricks

46. Blogging Tips for the Newbie — If you’re a seasoned blogger, share your secrets to success with others — or what didn’t work.

47. Money — While you may wish to keep your blog strictly a hobby, if you need extra cash, why not earn it doing something you love? Share your tips on how to make money blogging.

48. Photography — This is an area in which I lack talent. It’s no secret that blogs with eye-catching images take in more traffic and spread wider on social media. If you have an aptitude for photography, share some tricks for those less knowledgeable!

49. Writing Slumps — We’ve all experienced them. How do you bring yourself out of a slump and drive your motivation?

And finally,

 50. An Open Letter — Whether it’s a letter to yourself, your readers, an organization that has spoken to your heart, or a sharp stance on a controversial subject, pen a letter that speaks to all. Not only will you feel good for speaking up, your readers will appreciate an honest perspective.

As you can see, many of these ideas don’t have to be specific to a writerly blog. Unlock your imagination and adapt these ideas to suit your material.



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