Why Blog?



Blogging. It’s the thing to do now, right? In fact, some may say it’s becoming old fashioned as Youtube has blossomed (or rather, boomed) into an entrepreneurial enterprise. But there’s a charm to blogging and reading words written by another in a casual form, unlike a book but just as engaging, that cannot be replicated.

Blogging may appear intimidating for some; the struggle of deciding what to keep private and what to divulge or putting your heart and soul into a project and exhibiting it for all to see can be a disconcerting task.

But there are so many benefits to being a blogger. Whether personal, for business, or perhaps a bit of both, you can’t argue against these reasons.

Improve Communication

My first job in a pharmacy required me to call a list of customers each day to let them know their prescriptions were ready. When I first started, I was shaking so hard and had to write out what I was going to say or otherwise sound like a bumbling mess. As time went on, however, I soon realized I was no longer nervous to communicate over the phone. Not that I prefer talking on the phone now — I certainly prefer text — but in my personal life I can make calls and keep my wits about me.

The more you interact with others, the better your communication skills become. Interacting with others in post comments, email inquiries, and requests for guest posts advances your ability to present yourself in a concise manner. Your blog and your personal life will benefit from these activities.

Hone Writing Skills

We’ve heard it all our lives. The more you write, the better you get. It doesn’t matter if you write “I don’t know what to write” a hundred times over, brainstorm write, write a poem, write in your novel, or write on a blog. The more you put words to paper (or screen), the better you’ll get.

If you follow a consistent blog schedule and consistently write and edit throughout the week, then that will show in your daily writing obligations.


As you research content for your blog post, you may find yourself scrolling through other bloggers’ sites, connecting through  commonalities, comments, ping backs, guest posts, etc., and soon you’ll find yourself part of a community that fuels your creativity and enriches your blogging venture.

Compare your life to what it would be if you didn’t blog. Those connections wouldn’t be there, and yes, you wouldn’t be the worse for wear, but blogging opens yourself to a whole new world that you wouldn’t otherwise have.


Inspire Others

Inspiration is essential in the creative community. When people need inspiration, they don’t close up, they reach out. Whether it’s to music, nature, surrounding themselves with other people, or browsing social media for sparks of imagination, we all have that one thing that gets our minds rolling again.

When you stay true to your content, people will recognize the passion that goes into your work and be inspired by your words. Work on your site, keep it fresh, structured, consistent, and welcoming. The satisfaction you’ll have in knowing you’ve aided another creative individual will in turn bring you joy.


We crave structure in our daily lives, but often life has other plans and things slip by the wayside. Having that ‘one structured thing’ in life can provide wonderful benefits for your mental sanity.

Due to some health matters, I currently live at home and am unemployed, and needless to say there isn’t much structure in my life. Creating a blog schedule and practicing consistency has filled me with motivation and a sense of purpose.


Each time you write, you are putting down your own voice into words. You’ll find it easier to see a pattern in your cadence, beliefs, and opinions, or you may discover your perspectives changing as you grow as a writer. The possibility for self-discovery increases with every word you pen.

In a blog, you are essentially sharing yourself with the world. Instead of letting that fuel your fear, let it be a chance to discover more of what you love and challenge your abilities.


Blogging is an exercise in thinking, writing, patience, business, communication, and imagination. When combined, you open yourself up to endless opportunities to enhance your creative mind.


Slamming your fingers on the keyboard. That’s all.

But seriously, enabling free thinking to translate into words before your eyes is enough reason in and of itself to start blogging, for a blog should be a safe space to retreat and share your approach on anything that speaks to you with no inhibitions.

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