My Writing Space


I use to write whenever, wherever. The pitfalls of owning a laptop is that it’s easy to snuggle up in bed, on the couch, at the kitchen table, in a sibling’s room, anywhere with wifi and a semi-flat surface.

When you adopt the “mobile” mentality, you open yourself up to distractions: relaxation, commotion, food, chores, basically everything you would normally be doing if you weren’t writing.

Many people thrive on the furor around them, which is why a busy coffee shop is often the romanticized milieu of a writer. While you wouldn’t expect strangers to interrupt your time, there are still situations that arise and pull the focus away from your task.

You may say staring at a blank wall while trying to write stunts creativity, but having a quiet, routine space is the best thing I could’ve given my creative mind; a structured place to retreat to doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Take a look at my own space:


My room is rather small, and so I did my best to get a “wide shot” of the entire space. My desk is set beside the windows, and I love having the shutters; it’s easy to guide the amount of light that falls onto my computer. Plus, if I throw them wide open, the view looks over a beautiful little path in the woods.

My “banner” of quotes came from last year’s planner. I thought they were cute, and I can’t hang anything up in our rented house, so they provide a bit of color.



My Emma poster was specially made for me by FolioCreations on Etsy; my Schulz Peanuts typewriter with interchangeable slots is just about the cutest thing ever; the candle, which is in the scent Bookstore, comes from the Etsy shop Frostbeard; and of course, every writer’s true weapon, dark chocolate supplied by my best friend.



This is the center and my favorite part of the desk. I adore this little hourglass, which is fun to use for timing oneself when writing, and the elephant frame is so precious; it says, “Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder” and reminds me of my childhood. I prettied up the cork board with some paint, and most of it simply consists of tags from clothes! (But you can see my friend’s business card for AlyssaBeth Photography. This is the same friend that supplies me with chocolate, so I highly recommend you check out her Facebook page and hit like. Anyone that tames a crazy writer with chocolate deserves some kindness in return. *wink* )

I display my two favorite candles close by. One is Lavender and Sage, the most relaxing scent in the universe, and the other is New England Woods. It reminds me of home, and what could be more inspiring?

The heart palm stone is perfect to fiddle with whenever I’m frustrated and considering my next step while working on a story.


A few others things I didn’t highlight in pictures were my mug of pens (I always have too many yet not enough), a Treat Yo’ Self jar for a rainy day, and my planners that keep my blogging schedule and daily life organized so I don’t go mad.

There you have it. My own little space, perhaps a bit more cluttered than I’d like at the moment, but full of my favorite things. Sitting down to work on my blog or write my stories feels safe, comfortable, and familiar.

A spot that’s my own means I can focus on the task at hand rather than be distracted by unknown variables around me. This doesn’t mean I’ll never go to the library or coffee shop or kitchen table to write, but it provides a source to count on for inspiration and creativity because my mind now associates this place with such things.


  1. This is such an awesome post. So many little inspirations in a small place. I can see how having a space like this, even if you are not a writer, would just be refreshing. Love it!


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