Confabulari’s First Month


We’re nearly to the end of the first month of 2017, and subsequently Confabulari’s first month. I thought I’d take the opportunity to reveal a bit behind the scenes of how I managed the first month of the new blog.

I had a combined theme for January: Refocusing and Blogging. I thought it only fitting as I was reimagining an old blog and beginning a journey of something new. It certainly had its bumps along the way, but overall I’m happy with the blog so far and the response.

I wanted to show you my rough schedule of January’s posts and compare what I had originally prepared to what ended up on the blog.


As you can see, I had quite a few posts planned that never made it into the month. They either didn’t fit the theme (such as Print vs. Ebook/Audiobook), as such realizations can happen when you relax from your fervor of content scheduling and review it with a clearer mind, or there simply wasn’t time (a book review will be combined with the wrap up as I didn’t finish reading the particular book before this post).


I also made some quick observations and noted what I wished to improve in the upcoming months.

In order to get my book reviews in, I need to prioritize my time and devote more attention to reading · Too many times this month I found myself frantically scrambling the night before a post to get everything ready · Looking over next month’s schedule solidifies ideas in my mind and also provides a better chance of avoiding having to rework so many posts · I also noticed I spent valuable time creating graphics when I could’ve been editing a blog post; having those graphics made in advance would create more time to devote to the actual content.


This month wasn’t without its hiccups. Take this post, for example. I desperately tried to get a book read in time, failed, and had no back up option for today’s post — at least not one that would correspond with the theme. I imagined spending my evening leisurely, but instead I’m grappling for words because I wasn’t prepared.

When I get stressed, my vocabulary flies out the window. A friend who visited me recently can attest to this; I was writing up a blog post while she was here, and for the life of me I couldn’t get my point across. I wrote, deleted, rewrote, deleted, searched about a hundred words in an online thesaurus, and my self-doubt had risen to a 10 out of 10 scale.

But I pushed forward and here I am, nearly at the end of one month and ready to face another. I hope you are enjoying Confabulari; I am.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. There are a lot of similarities between planning lessons/units for teaching and preparing for writing a blog. After reading your post about your workspace, I was inspired to clean my desk, which has helped maintain my focus. Thank you for the inspiration! I look forward to reading your next post.


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