January Wrap Up



January didn’t turn out to be as motivating and goal-orientated as I would’ve preferred, but when do things ever live up to our expectations?

I didn’t meet my reading goal this month; between focusing on starting Confabulari and sickness going through the family, I found myself too often caught up in other things. But I managed to get three books read out of the four, so that is something.

Here’s what I managed to read:

3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living


A conglomerate of internet research is how I would describe this book. A good book to have handy for quick reference to resources, I felt this was less written by a person than a person pulling articles from the internet and weaving them together, if that makes any sense. I did appreciate the spaces to write your own notes in each chapter to keep track of personal preferences. This should be in every gluten free library, but don’t expect to be wowed.

3/5 stars

The Secret Garden


This reread didn’t disappoint. The story of two unfortunate children who meet, are inspired by one another and, through tending a forbidden garden, learn to believe in Magic and live again is one that speaks to all ages. The underlying themes of life vs. death, depression, loneliness, and the importance of kindness failed to really connect with me as a child, so rereading it as an adult moved me. This was my book of the month.

5/5 stars

If You Want to Write


I’m cheating by including this book in the list; I confess I haven’t actually finished it yet, but as I’ve started it and there’s still a little over a day left in January, I’m hoping to get it read. Brenda Ueland’s contradictory views on creativity and writing are an inspiration that I think many would benefit from adopting.


Here’s to prioritizing reading in February! What did you read this month?


  1. I finished “attitudes of a Transformed Heart” by Martha Peace and I read “Frozen In Time” by Mitchell Zuckoff. If you are looking for a great survival story I would highly recommend “Frozen In Time”. I have started a third book but am only half-way through it so I can’t count it for January. Your description of “The Secret Garden” has given me an interest to read it. May have to try that one in February.


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