March TBR


Last month I was rarely seen without a book in my hand; I believe I can say I’m officially out of my reading slump. I’m expecting a little less for March, however, as it’s probably my least favorite month of the year; I always seem to be plagued with migraines, strange dreams, and depression. It’s those last few weeks before spring, and here in New England, it’s a bated breath waiting to see if one last snowfall will chase away the hope of warmer weather.

My TBR pile is smaller to give myself some wiggle room, but here’s what I hope to accomplish reading this month:

· The Annotated Jane Eyre by K.M. Weiland ·

Considering I read Jane Eyre last month, I thought only fitting to read this. I received it as a birthday gift a few years ago and have yet to read it from cover to cover. I adore K.M. Weiland’s blog, Helping Writers Become Authors, so I fully expect to enjoy her insights on this classic.

· The Remnant Chronicles (#1-3) by Mary E. Pearson ·

I already finished the second book on the first, so I count that as a March read, and I’m in the middle of the third. While the first book was shaky, I’m loving this high fantasy series and can’t wait to finish in the next couple of days.

· A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett ·

I always adored the A Little Princess movie as a child; I share the protagonist’s name (a quite significant reason to fall in love with a character when you’re a child), and felt a strong connection to her and the story. I’ve never read the book, but considering how much I love The Secret Garden, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

· The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne ·

I’ve never read this. I feel as though I’ve let my childhood down, but this will soon be remedied. With this and A Little Princess, I treated myself to a couple of Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classic editions; how gorgeous are these covers? I’m in love and will enjoy fawning over these during the melancholy moments of the month.  (I’ll show more detail of these beautiful editions in a future review.)

· The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop by Stephen Koch ·

I’m slowly making my way through the unread stack of writing books on my shelf. I thought this would be the best to read as I’m getting ready to dive back into my skeleton draft and begin fleshing out the story.

What’s on your TBR this month? Share in the comments!


  1. This month I hope to read “In the Heart of the Sea” and “Almost Persuaded”. I love your list of ideas as well and may have to try reading “A Little Princess” since I also have never read it.

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