The Remnant Chronicles #1-3 Review


I believe this is the first fantasy series I’ve completed since finishing Harry Potter at the beginning of last year. Like a camel led to water after a months-long travel through the desert, I soaked up The Remnant Chronicles with relish.

Doing my best to avoid spoilers, I’ll start with some individual reviews:

The Kiss of Deception — I hinted at my frustration with this book in my February wrap up.  The author kept a secret under wraps for more than half the book, and while it added to the eventual shock and intrigue of its revelation, the chapters became jumbled; I lost pleasure in the book due to the disarray.

The last third of the book swooped in to the rescue, characters developed (in particular, the protagonist), dialogue strengthened, tension heightened as stakes were raised, and the book ended on what I thought was a solid cliffhanger, not leaving me worried per say but wanting more.

Goodreads Rating: 3/5 stars

The Heart of Betrayal — World-building dominated this book. The entirety of the story took place in one kingdom with never a dull moment. I could see the kingdom, the smell of it burning my nose, hear it’s clamor, feel its cold fog seeping into my own skin.

The “evil kingdom’s” sovereign could have used a little more development as I felt his story was rushed, and the main characters’ growth remained fairly dormant. This caused some repetitiveness, but I wouldn’t say it damaged the story.

Goodreads Rating: 4/5 stars

The Beauty of Darkness — At around two hundred pages more than its predecessors, I was worried the book would be laden with lulls, but I judged too quickly. While activity was subdued due to conflict turning inward rather than external,  Pearson managed to keep things tense and engaging for the whole of its 679 pages. This was a superb conclusion to the series.

Goodreads Rating: 5/5 stars


Overall Impression: I really enjoyed this series. The protagonist remained focused on her goal, the romance served a purpose and was handled tastefully, the pacing of the story was excellent, and the series got stronger and stronger with each book. I don’t think I will ever say I love the first book, but it left me wanting more, and the last two books were powerful examples of how YA fantasy should be written.



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