April Wrap Up

Well…this month was a disaster.

More migraines. More sickness. More inability to focus. I’m not sure if a month has ever passed by so quickly as April. My physical health has been putting a strain on my mental clarity, and I’m just so happy that spring seems to be here to stay so that the weather will even out and hopefully chase away all the nasty side effects on my body.

I’m rather disappointed in my reading for this month. Granted the main inhibitor was migraines, which is out of my control, but I know my time on Netflix and Youtube was overkill. There comes a point where you need a hiatus, however… I can’t bring myself to “apologize” for my lack of reading this month, and because of that I know my down time was needed.

Without further blubbering, here is the ONE book I read in April:

Theft of Swords:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.32.12 PM

Between the blog and Instagram, you are probably sick of hearing about this book!  I posted a review a couple weeks ago; not a bad read for just one book, as it was over 600 pages long, but not a totally satisfying read, either. Despite my complaints, I am going to continue on with the series; I enjoyed the characters and the setting and would like to see more.

And that’s April! What did you read?

1 Comment

  1. In the Heart of the Sea. The story of the whaleship Essex, which inspired Moby Dick, that was sunk by a sperm whale and how the men survived (or not) at sea for 90 days. It was a very interesting book and I learned a lot about the people of Nantucket and whaling. The style was very interesting and easy to read. Now I want to visit Nantucket. I loved the book.


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