I hemmed and hawed over what to write this week. I started three different posts, abandoned each of them. Went back over two half-written drafts from a month ago, set aside those as well.

I know my writer’s block is a mirror of my mental state at the moment. The changing of seasons is so difficult for me, and between that and my constant migraines and sinus headaches…I’ve just been in a rut.

But I didn’t feel like complaining anymore, which was what my three other posts leaned towards. Or perhaps not complaining, per se, but a bit of wallowing. So instead, I’m going to focus on the silver linings that have been hiding behind all the low moments.

Reasons to be grateful:

1. I’m almost six months into Confabulari, and despite some struggles and self-doubt I’ve had, I haven’t abandoned it.

2. My crappy days have allowed me to revisit audiobooks, which is something I wanted to explore more of this year. I’ve completed two this month and am about to start a third.

3. Speaking of reading, I’ve risen from last month’s horrible book count and am back on track with my reading goal for 2017. I’ve read 5 books so far this month and hope to fit in at least two more.

4. I pulled a chest muscle the other night, and I can barely breathe and my movements are limited. While that doesn’t sound pleasant (it’s truly not), it did allow me to sit still this weekend and get a chunk of editing done on my current work-in-progress.

5. I had a breakthrough concerning my WIP. I’ve been trying to sort out the kinks in this particular issue/plot hole for a year now, maybe longer, and I almost cried when I had that “lightbulb” moment.


No matter how dark the day may seem, there is always something, no matter how small, to be grateful for. I hope this might encourage you to look for it the next time life gets you down.

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