August TBR

HOW is it August already? This year…I don’t even want to talk about how fast it’s flown by. At least I can say my anticipation for fall is beginning to build; sweaters, cups of tea, and books are all this girl needs to make her happy. Hopefully this month’s TBR will be enough to get me through the hot weather into September!

I expected to have a TBR pile full of new books this month because, having only bought one book within the span of June-July, I had planned to treat myself with a monstrous book haul. I had cartfuls of books on four different websites, ready to buy the moment August 1st hit, but then I noticed my little 9-box cubicle…

The books are absolutely overflowing, not only with much-loved books, but 2 cubes full of books I have yet to read, plus all of my beloved knick knacks.


(my unread books, not including a few technical and special edition books…)

I’d been avoiding buying new shelves as we’ve moved from rental to rental in the past couple years, but the time has come. I’m on the hunt for a standard bookshelf, and I’ve discovered that if I don’t want to buy a cheapie that will break upon assembly, I’m going to have to put most of my book spending money into this fund — not a bad way for it to go, really.

However, I did have my heart set on a few new books, so I’m going to splurge on those and include them in this month’s TBR:

The Hollow Crown, Book Four of the Kingfountain Series – Audiobook


You’ve heard me rave about this series. I’ve listened to the first three books on audiobook, which I found on YouTube. Unfortunately, this newest book in the series doesn’t seem to be getting uploaded to YouTube, and I’ve been dying to read the book. That’s why I freaked when I found the usual $20 audiobook on sale at BookDepository for $7.99 and it promptly jumped into my cart.

A Game of Thrones


I’ve debated reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series; they are in the “books I find daunting” pile, as they are quite long and I’ve heard the amount of detail George R.R. Martin provides is overwhelming. However, too many people have recommended the books, so I’m finally going to give in and read the first book at least.

Gotham Writer’s Workshop: Writing Fiction


I was pumped to discover that one of my favorite BookTubers, Mollie Reads, has created a Goodreads book club called Writerly Reads in which the members read books on writing and editing. I’ve heard so many good things about Gotham Writer’s Workshop but haven’t explored it further, so I’m thrilled this is the first book.

Now, from those shelves of unread books, I plan to pull 1-2 each month until they are all read; I’ve chosen two for this month.

Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively


I’ve owned this book for years, yet it’s been gathering dust for unknown reasons except perhaps I’m lazy, because I really do have an interest in it as I lack observation skills and struggle with descriptive writing. I’m determined to finally get this book read.

Stephen King: On Writing


I’ve started this book two or three times. I enjoy what I read, but somewhere along the way I get too distracted to finish. Every writer I know raves about this book, so it’s high time I buckle down and read it.

What’s on your August TBR list?

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