September TBR and Library Haul

Ah, September. The weather changed from summer to fall the moment 12AM, September 1st hit. September is a hard month because one day will be autumn-y, the next, 75 degrees. It’s the time of restlessness, the last bout of summer colds (of which I am partaking in at the moment), transitional allergies, and insanely busy streets as the last summer tourists try to cram in a few more days of vacation. However, the build up of anticipation for Autumn almost makes it all worth it.

I’m feeling the pressure of my 50 books reading challenge for this year. The past few months have not gone well reading-wise, and I need to make it a priority once more. Of course, this month is proving to be crazy, so despite my desire to list ten+ books, I’m going to take it easy on my TBR and hopefully keeping it realistic will help me achieve my goal in the long run.



Kate & Jesse


You may remember from my February TBR that I read a YA Western called Vengeance Road and absolutely loved it. This is a novella that takes place in between Vengeance Road and the second book in the series, Retribution Rails, which releases in November. It follows the main characters from VR and sets up their role in the second book, which takes place several years later. (I received this download as part of a promotion for Erin Bowman’s release of Retribution Rails.)


The Silent Shield, The Kingfountain Series Book 5 (Audiobook)


This is it. Once I read this, I’ll be caught up with the series and the next book doesn’t release until November. I’m putting on a brave face and will relish listening to book five in the Kingfountain series. I’m taking a bus down to Boston in a few weeks, so I think I’m going to save the audiobook and listen to it on my way there (or at least leave a couple of hours of the book for the ride so I can be sure to finish it this month).


A Game of Thrones


This was part of my TBR last month but I only made it in about 200 pages, and that was due to migraines, not disinterest. I’m actually loving the book, and Martin’s writing style is much different from what I had been led to believe. It’s eloquent and detailed but not overwhelming or tiresome.


Gotham Writer’s Workshop: Writing Fiction


I’m still working on the Writerly Reads book club pick of the month of August. This book has been fantastic so far, but it is rather dense and I’ve found it’s best to read in short bursts.


Bird by Bird (Audiobook)


This is the September pick for the Writerly Reads book club. Usually I don’t prefer to listen to books on writing through audiobook, but my book budget has gone elsewhere this month. However, I found a great narrator for the book and am already enjoying it.


Library Haul

My library periodically puts out boxes of free books. Most days there isn’t much, or they are older books that have a musty smell, but recently they had two full boxes and I found a few goodies (hopefully).


I picked up a couple of short story collections (We Live in Water by Jess Walter and Vanishing by Deborah Willis), a contemporary fiction (End of Story by Peter Abrahams) about a struggling aspiring author who picks up a job at a high security prison teaching creative writing to the inmates, Jane by Robin Maxwell, a retelling of Tarzan from Jane’s perspective (after I got home I looked the book up and saw it has mixed reviews, so I can’t wait to form my own opinion), and Telegraph Days by Larry McMurtry, a western following an orphaned brother and sister and their escapades in the Wild West. Have you read any of these?

Sorry this TBR was a bit late, but as I said, September is insane. What are you reading this month?

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