Top 5 Books I’ve Read So Far & Top 5 Books I Want to Read

I just hit my 30 books mark in my Goodreads Reading Challenge. 20 books left to finish in a little less than 3 1/2 months. I’ve been in a reading slump lately, so yes, I’m concerned I won’t complete my challenge, but I’m plugging away and hoping the crisp air of fall will breath some life and motivation back into me.

Now that autumn has finally arrived, I wanted to take a quick look back on the year at some of my favorite reads so far and also look ahead to what books I most want to read before saying sayonara to 2017.


Top 5 Books Read in 2017 So Far

 (not including rereads)


tbr3 A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness // You all know how much I fell in love with the beautiful, heart-wrenching A Monster Calls. From the story to the mesmorizing, dark illustrations, this is a book for generations of shelves.





Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hilltbr2 // I don’t read many autobiographies/biographies, but within the past year I’ve developed an open mind to them. Reading Mrs. Kennedy and Me was very good for my growing taste for the genre. I found this biography written by Jackie Kennedy’s personal Secret Service agent to be a fascinating insight into the life of Jackie, the Kennedy family, and what being a Secret Service agent does to a person and their family.





The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler // All hail my current favorite fantasy series in 2017. This is the first book of the series; I enjoy Wheeler’s magic system and the main characters of this first book will always hold a special place in my heart. He writes the part of children well, giving them wisdom and strength rather than shoving them in the background.





Stephen King: On Writing by Stephen Kingaugust3 // There is a reason Stephen King is so popular; I haven’t read his fiction, but after picking this up, I knew I was reading something special. Books like this tend to be un-engaging if there isn’t a nostalgic factor tied to the book, but I found this to be relatable and hold some great writing nuggets.






febbooksVengeance Road by Erin Bowman // I still deeply admire Bowman’s ability to use dialect as a second character in this YA western. Thick accents transferred to paper can often be overwhelming and confusing, but Vengeance Road had the perfect amount of backwoods dialect and western grit.






Top 5 Books I Want to Read by December 31, 2017

(not including series)

Monsters by Emerald Fennellmonsters // Any Call the Midwife fans out there? Emerald Fennell plays Patsy, the plucky redheaded nurse with an unabashed attitude and troubled past. When I learned she was also a writer, I knew I had to read her books. Monsters is her first YA/Adult Horror Mystery novel about two very lonely, very odd children who come together to investigate a murder in their small town and things go a little too far…




Mansfield Park by Jane Austenmansfield // This is the only Austen book I’ve picked up several times and set aside, unable to get into the story. I love Jane Austen and almost feel the fact that I haven’t read Mansfield Park a betrayal to one my favorite authors and people, so I hope to rectify this soon.






Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write with Confidence by William Kenower // Every writer needs a boost of encouragement now and then. This book caught my eye in the bookstore a while ago, and I took a picture of it so I could look it up at another time. Now the year is almost over and I still haven’t picked it up. I also haven’t written in over a month because I’ve been struggling with self-doubt and fear. I think it’s time to grab a copy.





The Book Thief by Markus Zusak // I feel like this book is raised as the book for book lovers to read. I’ve seen the movie, and I think that’s one reason I haven’t picked it up; I enjoyed the film, but it’s always hard to go to the book second.





Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.50.54 AM

Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel // You all know how I love Jane Eyre (I’ve already read it once this year), and when I discovered there is a graphic novel my heart skipped a beat. This a must-read!









Photography: Alyssa Beth Photography



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