December TBR

I’m about sixteen books behind in my Goodreads Challenge of 50 books… there is no way I’ll make my goal this month, nor do I wish to stress myself out. So, I’m taking each book one day at a time and reading for pleasure.

However, as we are transitioning from fall into winter and the days become shorter, I do find it easier to cut off from the world and burrow down in bed with a book, so perhaps I’ll surprise myself.

I have picked out sixteen books I currently own (as, you know, it’s Christmas, not time to be buying myself any books!) that I want to read most:



The Light Between Oceans

I’ve had to edit this already as when I began the blog post I was halfway through this book and now I’ve just finished. I’ll give a more detailed review later on in the month.







Retribution Rails

I’m looking forward to reading the second installment in the Vengeance Road series by Erin Bowman. Nothing like a little YA western in the midst of cold winter nights.






december1.jpgThe Complete Chronicles of Narnia 

I nearly forgot I set the goal months ago to read the entire Narnia series in December, so I’d best get crackin’. I haven’t read through all seven books in years…and years… and Christmastime opens oneself to nostalgic feelings that are perfect for reopening the most beloved books. (Not gonna lie, there’s a hint of a tear in my eye right now.)


(There are seven books in all)





After reading Stephen King: On Writing, I’ve been anticipating reading one of his fiction works. I picked up Joyland a while back at a library sale and it has been not-so-patiently waiting on my shelves for me to pick it up.







The Book Thief

Another book that has been on my to-read list for far too long. Everyone raves about this book; I saw the movie first (I know, for shame) and enjoyed it, but it zapped some of my desire to get to the book. I really hope this makes it onto my list before the end of the year.





december3.jpgLittle Women

I grew up watching the 1994 adaptation of Little Women and read the book when I was younger. The character of Jo March was one of my first exposures, perhaps the first, to a writer portrayed in literary fiction and on-screen. I only recently discovered the book I read as a child was an abridged version, so I got my hands on an unabridged edition and cannot wait to curl up with some tea on a stormy night and read this.





december4 Charlotte Bronte: A Writer’s Life

I’ve been itching to reread Jane Eyre again, but as I read it just this past January, for the sake of my Goodreads challenge, I’m refraining. Despite loving Jane Eyre, I know very little about Bronte and hope this biography I picked up will shed some light on the woman who wrote my favorite book.






The Elements of Style

One of the other goals that crashed and burned this year was to read a “writing” book every month. Turns out, I read through writing technique books very slowly. I know I’ll never get through all of these books this month, but I hope to at least get started. The Elements of Style is a popular little book that I haven’t heard one writer speak against and is often cited as the one writing and grammar book you should own.




december6 The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop

I started this book earlier in the year but somewhere along the way set it aside and honestly forgot all about it. As I have a head start, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can complete it this month.






Crafting Novels & Short Stories

In going through my writing books, I was trying to decide which to choose that best fit where I am in my own writing at the moment. I’m once again in the throes of an intense planning stage, and this book goes through every stage: characters, plot, point of view, dialogue, description, revision, etc., so I though it best fitting to read in order to help prepare my stories for their best possible self.





What are you reading in December?


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  1. I am reading Dog Stories by James Herriot. You speak of nostalgia in our post and this is one author that makes me nostalgic. I loved his stories as a teenager and am finding that the magic of his writing is not lost on me as an adult. I also am hoping to at least begin Mrs. Kennedy and Me which I first heard about through on of your posts. Looks like an interesting read.

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