January Wrap Up

I’m going to be honest, it’s been all I could do to get this short post up. My brain has not been in the right place to do…well, pretty much anything this past month, as I’ve been sick with flu and pneumonia and then went through losing my dog a couple of weeks ago.

I certainly wasn’t in the frame of mind to read, so I don’t have much to show for a wrap up (too bad this isn’t a TV wrap up because I’d have met a yearly goal with how many shows and movies I’ve watched in the past month), but I thought I’d share what I did manage to finish in January.


Little Women


Years ago I had read the abridged version, but reading the unabridged version was such a treat. Though I was familiar with the story (having also grown up watching the Winona Ryder movie version), I fell in love all over again with this story, the characters, the charm, and the honesty.

While it wasn’t a “perfect book” — there were far too many authorial intrusions for my taste, including what felt like lesson essays to the reader on particular moral issues, and one of the main storylines was wrapped up in a rush towards the end — I loved every moment of it. It was casual, engaging, and true-to-life, which was a refreshing change from some of the books I’ve been reading lately. My attention has never been so captured by such a classic a coming-of-age story.


Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds


I’m not a huge fan of devotional books, but every once in a while one comes my way that I’ll read, and then, rarity among rarity, like.

This little book, more of a Bible study tool than devotional, is great if you’re needing a “pick-me-up” in your Bible study time. Wilkin takes you through the 5 P’s — purpose, perspective, patience, process, prayer — and shows you how each element can help you delve deeper into the Bible. She focuses on the actual meat of studying rather than the frills that can come with idealized devotional time, and redirects your thoughts of, “what can I glean for myself in my daily life” to rather “who is God and what can I learn about Him.”

I wouldn’t say the information is revolutionary, but it makes you take a step back and reexamine your Bible study habits/methods without feeling like you are being chastised for your current routine.

(Let me add that while this book is marketed to women, it could’ve easily been an all-inclusive book simply with a word taken out here and there. It’s not your typical book for the “busy housewife” or “working mother;” I feel the information in this study is relevant and helpful to all. [There is one chapter dedicated to women who desire to become Bible study teachers, and while a whole twenty pages was devoted to this subject, I felt even this chapter could’ve should’ve been cut from the book and developed into a different study or at least tagged onto the back for those interested rather than make it such an integral part of the book.] I didn’t buy this book for the reason of it pertaining to “women,” so I wasn’t upset, but I just wanted to give someone else the insight I didn’t have.)


Was January a month of reading for you, or did you fall behind as well?


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