Hey, there! I’m Sarah. I’m in my early twenties, I still live at home, and am unemployed.

Aren’t you excited to start reading my blog?

Originally, this space was created for one single purpose – to talk about writing. And books. Anything relating to words. However, my attention span is rather short, so blogging about the same thing day after day soon became monotonous. So, I decided to expand and just start blogging about whatever was on my heart.

Then I hit a mental road block. Do I really want to cross that line and start blogging about personal things? Who would want to read it? My severe anxiety bubbled up to the point I stopped blogging for months. People would ask me if I wasn’t blogging anymore, and that pit in my stomach would sink a little deeper.

Because the fact is, I love blogging. I really do. I get on a roll and a sense of purpose overwhelms me. I love writing and to have any excuse to write weekly on something I’m passionate about isn’t something I can ignore forever.

So yes, the blog has been inactive for a while. No, I don’t know when I will get back into my groove again. But hang in there – I’m working on drafts “as we speak,” not to mention working on my anxiety, and I hope to publish content soon.

You’ll still see posts about writing (I am an aspiring author, after all) and books I’m reading, but I hope to talk more about mental health and my personal journey, minimalism, natural health, and what it’s like living as a twenty-something with a brain injury.

If you have questions or thoughts on a post, need to talk to another writer (writer self-doubt is real, I feel ya), or wish to collaborate, check out the contact page for ways to connect with me!


photo credit: AlyssaBeth Photography